Increasing Penile Sensitivity with Phallosan

Phallosan is the newest, most innovative penis enlargement device on the market today.  Unlike penis extenders, Phallosan exerts a uniform pressure along the entire penis – including the penis head.  That means you experience increased blood flow and growth throughout your entire penis.  Even if you don’t want a bigger penis (which would make you a small minority or men!), you can still benefit from wearing Phallosan.  That is because Phallosan can increase your penis’s sensitivity, thus making sex even more enjoyable.


There are nerve endings all throughout the genitals which send pleasure signals to the brain during stimulation.  The highest concentration of nerves are located in the penis head.  The penis is actually designed to maximize the sensation of pleasure from these nerves.  When stimulation occurs, the foreskin slides back along the penis shaft, rubbing the penis head in the process.  There are nerves along the inner and outer parts of the foreskin which also cause pleasure as the penis hardens.


Unfortunately, circumcised men do not experience as much pleasure from sex because they lack the nerves on the foreskin.  Further, circumcised men miss out on the stimulation which occurs when the foreskin rubs against the penis head.  Without foreskin, the penis head is only stimulated during sex from rubbing inside the vagina.


Aside from circumcision, there are other reasons why you may not be experiencing as much pleasure as you could be during sex.  Foremost, if your blood is not flowing well to your penis (throughout the day, not just during erection), your nerves could become weak and not transmit pleasure signals as well.  Damage to your penis, such as from constantly rubbing against tight underwear, could also damage your pleasure nerves.


Phallosan is designed to increase your penis size.  But one of the first benefits that men report is that they are enjoying sex better. The reason for this is because Phallosan helps improve blood flow to your penis head so your nerves are healthier and transmit signals better.

When you use Phallosan, you are also causing your penis head to become engorged with blood.  This makes the nerves in the penis much more sensitive to stimuli.  After using Phallosan for several weeks, you will already be able to see some noticeable size gains in your penis head and throughout the shaft.  Simply, when your penis is larger, the pleasure nerves are also larger and easier to stimulate.


There are a few other methods of increasing penis sensitivity, like applying circulation-boosting creams or taking vitamins.  However, Phallosan is the only method of increasing penis sensitivity which also permanently enlarges your penis.  Since most men are displeased with their penis size, Phallosan can be a great solution for improving your all-around sex life.