Indulge in After-Play Activities

The term after-play is referred to the activity of bonding and romance after the act of having sex. However, not much has been written about after-play and most men never think about it anyway. So, why is after play even important?

The research has shown that immediately after having sex, a man’s mind and body goes into a state of rest and fatigue. He usually feels like turning his back and going to sleep. At the same time, the reaction of a woman is usually different. She feels stimulated and feels a need for bonding with you. Therefore, if you want to have a fulfilled and complete sex life, you must appreciate the need for after-play and make it a part of your sex life.

Here are some great tips for men on how to indulge in after-play activities:

  • Appreciate Her: There is nothing better than appreciating and praising the lovemaking skill of your woman, immediately after you have had sex. This will make her feel happy and look forward to your next lovemaking session.
  • Hold Her Close: Cuddling her after you have had sex is a great way to connect, as well as relax. Lying down close in bed while you hold hands or cuddle together is a great way to feel as together.
  • Give Her a Rub: Rubbing her shoulder, back or neck is a nice way to show that you care and appreciate her as your partner. This will also help her relax her stimulated mind.
  • Shower with Her: Showering together is a great way to romance and bond after sex. It is a great place to feel intimate and have a little fun, at the same time.

Think of after-play as a dessert to a nice dinner and approach it with eagerness. It will help you elevate your relationship to the next level and not make sex a routine activity.