SizeGenetics and Penis Size

Most men have considered if they measure up to the average “Joe” in regards to the size of their penis. The average penis size is an average of 5.1 to 5.7-inches erect. Most penises that are of varying sizes flaccid, will result in roughly the same measurements when erect, no matter the flaccid size. So all are created equal, with the rare exception of below or above average sizes. If a male still is not satisfied with the size of his personal equipment or is merely curious, then read on.

First, one must make sure he is measuring correctly and accurately to get a consistent reading to see if the method one chooses is working or not. Measuring should be an average of many measurements taken over several days. There are many factors to change the size of an erection including room temperatures, arousal level, frequency of sex and time of day. Measurements should be taken of both length and girth, length being measured from the top of the head to the top of the shaft to the base while in a standing position and the erect penis is parallel to the floor. Girth is measured from an average of measurements taken three areas – just below the head of the penis, in the middle of the shaft and at the base of the penile shaft. Knowing specifically what the penis size was before will allow one to know if any results are taking place through measurements after.

Next, there are many products to choose from. SizeGenetics markets a program for one to purchase that combines three main elements to enhancing penis size. It includes a traction device, natural supplements and some exercises to do. It will arrive at one’s mailing address in discreet packaging.

Included in the package is the traction device approximately the size of one’s palm. It works to stretch the penis and through the body’s ability to adapt naturally under physical influence and allow the cells in the chambers of the penis to increase the tissue mass within. An increase in tissue mass allows the penis to hold more blood flow, allowing the penis to extend longer and widen larger and erection to last longer. The device is tested to the highest of standards and is a quality product that claims not to cause pain or irritation but is designed for comfort. Also added are spare parts to allow the device to grow as the penis grows.

The supplements are in pill form and are designed to shorten the amount of time it takes for results to appear and increases the amount of blood flow to the penile area. They are natural products and so do not carry serious side-effects.

The exercises are provided both in instructional DVDs as well as access to online information and instructions and support. Also, included are instructional videos for increased performance and to optimize sexual experiences with one’s partner. The SizeGenetics program claims it can increase size and girth of one’s penis up to thirty percent.

Whatever the reason for trying a penis enhancement product, one should take care and caution for one’s body. Use common sense, if it hurts don’t do it. It would be unfortunate to damage the penis long-term for something that is for curiosity sake.