Vigrx Delay Spray Review

There is a great project, Vigrx Delay Spray, on the market that provides a much more flexible approach to preventing premature ejaculation and allows you to prolong intensive sexual activity. This Vigrx Delay Spray review assesses the merits of this neat little product. The manufacturers claim that it will help you last longer in bed, extend your pleasure, let you release when you are ready, multiply your stamina, boost your sexual confidence amongst other benefits.

Premature ejaculation can be extremely distressing and there are many reasons why this happens. It might also be caused by lack of sexual activity not necessarily because a man has not been in a relationship for some time. It might be that one person in the relationship has been ill for a while, or had a baby and sometimes it’s difficult to get back into the stride. There might be more deep reasons such as experiencing grief, stress or a traumatic sexual experience.

The Vigrx Delay Spray comes in a small discrete package that is quick and easy to use. Response times have been reported to be as little as 10 minutes with some very impressive results.

You can buy Vigrx Delay Spray online and spared the embarrassment of going to your doctor or speaking to your local Pharmacist in a busy store. Those places are so quiet so it is quite difficult to get advice without being overheard or feeling that you are being judged. Surprisingly premature ejaculation is not just confined to older men, young men experience the problem at a time when their hormones are raging and testosterone levels are soaring.

The spray contains an effective local anesthetic that still provides the sensation allowing the man to enjoy the full sensations of penetrative sex. The key ingredient is Benzocaine (known as ethyl aminobenzoate medically) and is used in some brands of condoms to delay premature ejaculation. Vigrx Delay Spray allows you to use as little or as much as you want.

Application is easy, all you do it rub it in with your hand and you’re ready to go. The advantage of this spray is that is does not cause the numbness experienced with other products. The Vigrx Delay Spray just lightly coats the skin so there are no toxicity issues as is the case from products with other ingredients.

You can use it as often or as little as you like as there are no chances of you developing tolerances to the spray. There will be no need to abstain from using it for a while for the spray to become effective again. A tip – try masturbating in advance of having sex so that you get used to using the spray. Try working with different amounts to see what works best for you. The effects vary for each man and typically the spray will last for 20 – 30 minutes.

The Vigrx Delay Spray composition is such that you will not have problems such as excessively prolonged erections, which can be hugely embarrassing and painful.

The product is manufactured in a facility that works to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so you can be confident that it has been made complying to strict health and safety regulations.