My Bathmate review

Bathmate is one of the most bought water based penis pumps. It has assisted millions of users to get strong erections and thicker penis. The release of Bathmate into the market was a great milestone for sex lovers.

Today, thousands of people have purchased and used this pump to transform their sexual lives. Despite being around for more than ten years, Bathmate has remained at the top of the game. Persons who use this pump realize

  •  Up to 30% increase in the thickness of their penis
  •  Up to 20% increase in the length of the penis
  •  Stronger and harder erections
  •  Lowered cases of erectile dysfunction

How does the Bathmate pump work?

Bathmate works by creating a vacuum in the chamber where the penis is inserted. The vacuum created will force more blood to be pumped into your penis thereby increasing its size as well as creating a powerful erection.

The results are normally temporary at the start and they can last for up to 1-2 hours.

The number of times your penis stays larger the more it becomes larger over time. After a few weeks, you will realize permanent results from the enlargement of the penis.

The vacuum is normally created by pumping water or air from the tube using an electric or hand pump. The penis has three chambers that hold blood during erection namely Corpora Cavenosa (2) and Corpus Spongiosium.

The chambers play an immense role when it comes to the enlargement of your penis using the Bathmate pump or any other pump out there. The chambers tend to expand ore when using the Bathmate pump as opposed to normal erection.

This lead to micro tears in your tissues thus promoting the growth and development of new cells. The growth of the cells makes your penis stronger over time.

How to use the Bathmate pump

Applying the Bathmate pump when it comes to increasing the size of your penis is a breeze.

Simply follow these steps to realize the best outcome:

  • It is advisable to use the pump in the shower, bathtub or at the sink
  • Place your finger on the vent at the top of the pump in order to prevent want from getting out
  • Put the Bathmate pump under water or even tap water wait until it has been filled fully. It is good to use water that is warmer than your body temperature for increasing the size of your penis. Warm water will not only make you more comfortable but it is effective in the exercise of increasing your penis size
  • Push the gadget around your penis in a gentle manner and pump a few times. Do so until it firmly gets to the base of your penis
  • Pump out water in intervals of 5-10 seconds for a few times and allow the penis to adjust to the vacuum created by the Bathmate before you can proceed to the next step
  • You will feel the vacuum created by the pump but it should not make you uncomfortable to continue with the process
  • If the pump loses the vacuum you can pump again in order to regain the strong vacuum
  • After duration of around 15-20 minutes you can release the pressure created and remove the penis pump. You will be surprised with the outcome especially if you are a first time user of the same.


In the event that you find it tough getting the pump at the base of your penis then you can try the following techniques:

  • Shave off the hair around your pubic region
  • Apply little water around the skin of your penis
  • You can also apply some gel such as Vaseline on the penis for easy use of the pump
  • What will the pump do for you?
  • Bathmate will enable you to get strong as well as hard erection in less than 5 minutes after using the device
  • You can use the device a few minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner for a fulfilling experience.
  • Regular use of 4-6 weeks will enable you to get permanent results

Why should you buy Bathmate pump

If your partner has been complaining about weak erections then Bathmate is the savior. The device will assist you get stronger erections. Individuals who have suffered issues to do with low blood pressure can also benefit from the use of Bathmate in order to realize a change in their sexual life.

There is no need to continue struggling with penis enlargment pills when Bathmate can help you to realize a different in the size and thickness of your penis without paying through your nose.

Is it safe to use Bathmate pump?

Bathmate is completely safe for use by different persons. Many persons have used the device before and no complain has been raised so far. It is not painful to use as many people have been alleging.

Pros of the Bathmate

  • Immediate results- It only takes 5 or less minutes to realize a difference in terms of the thickness and size of your penis.
  • Permanent results- long term use will enable you to get permanent results from the device
  • Affordable-The device is sold at an affordable price. This makes it affordable to both average and low income earners. It is not mandatory to break into the nearest bank before you can buy this unit for your use
  • Penis curvature erections reduced- the use of the device results to a straightened penis
  • Strong erections- Problems of weak erection will be a thing of the past if you buy this unit
  • Cons of Bathmate
  • Tube size-the size of the tube is slightly small such that you will overgrow the same within a few weeks
  • Poor seal- getting a good seal between Bathmate and the body is a bit tough

Where can you buy Bathmate?

Bathmate pumps can be bought from online stores. Online stores offer attractive deals to enable save a great part of your hard earned income when buying these devices. You can also buy these devices from the local market. However, it is advisable to buy from online stores.

Final verdict

In summary, Bathmate is a perfect solution for men who want to increase the size and thickness of the penis. The unit is sold at an affordable price and is easy to use. In addition, it is effective and safe for use. The price and numerous benefits that accompany Bathmate pump make it worth consideration.